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The Different Types of E-Cigs Explained


Mini e-cig imageOtherwise referred to as regular size e-cigs, minis are often preferred by people who have just started to use e-cigs. This is because minis look and feel like normal cigarettes. Minis are also the best for experimentation, especially among those who are looking to try out electronic cigarettes without spending too much money.

Minis are often called 1st generation models, mostly due to the fact that they were the first e-cigs to come onto the market. Originally, the mini used a 3 piece system comprised of a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. Today, over 95 percent of minis use a 2 piece system with a cartomizer and a battery. This modern electronic cigarette cartomizer combines the liquid reservoir and the atomizer into a single unit, making the e-cig more efficient, stable and easier to handle.

There are many models in this category of e-cigs including the KR 808, the 510 and the 901. Different vendors have adopted unique brand names for mini e-cigs but almost all minis are based on universally recognizable models as mentioned above.

The other thing to note about mini vapor cigarettes is that they come with a manual or an auto switch. Those with auto switches can be used without the need to operate a switch. On the other hand, manual models come with switches so you have to press an additional button when vaping.

Minis are extremely popular among new buyers because they look and taste very much like a real cigarette, something often desired by people when they first switch to electronic cigarettes. To ensure you purchase the best model, be sure to buy from informed vendors. They will be better placed to advise you on which model your mini is based on. This way, you will know whether the components in your mini are interchangeable.

You can also get disposable mini e-cigs. These are typically packaged in one-off packs. Some also come with a charge. Disposables will give you excellent performance and great flavors. However, before you invest in a disposable mini e-cigarette, read reviews and ask around, some don't perform as well as others!

Advantages of Mini E-Cigarettes

Flexible and Familiar Design

They look and feel like real cigarettes, they are also small, discreet and great to the touch.

Variety to Choose From 

The variety is extensive, ranging from manual to auto models. Apart from the above, it is also worth noting that there are many different mini models on the market today. This means that smokers have a wider variety of brands to choose from, each manufactured uniquely and marketed differently to attract your attention.

Most Affordable Category of Electronic Cigarettes

If cost is an issue, then you should opt for the mini. It is the cheapest electronic cigarette and can often be found in gas stations and in the supermarket.

Some Parts are Reusable

If you know your mini well, you can reuse some of the parts. To do this, however, you need to be well informed about the model type.

Perfect for Light Smokers

Minis are also ideal for the occasional or the light smoker.

Disadvantages of the Mini E-Cigarette

Batteries Run Out Quickly

The batteries may not last as long as you would like. Therefore, you need to stock up on batteries just in case you run out of power at a crucial moment when you really want to vape.

Poor Performance, Relative to Other E-Cig Types

If you are a heavy smoker, then you will have some issues with the mini e-cig. This is because they do not provide the best performance. In this case, you may want to upgrade to another kind of electronic cigarette.

Susceptible to Liquid Leaks

Sometimes minis can experience dangers with liquid leaks. Should the liquid leak, it will destroy your batteries.

Incompatible with LR Heads

Mini e-cigs are also disadvantageous because they cannot use limiting vapor production (LR) heads.

Mid-Size Electronic Cigarettes

Image of mid size e cigaretteMid-sized e-cigs are the best electronic cigarette model type. They suit most vapers and can either be used as the main back-up or as your core device. Common names used to refer to mid-size e-cigs include kGo, Tornado, Riva and eGo among others. 

They are larger than mini e-cigs owing to the larger battery size. A typical mid-size e-cigs will use a battery of at least 650 mAh. As a result, the batteries usually last longer. The-cigarettes also produce more vapor, in comparison to minis. Similarly, mid- size e-cigs can use a wider range of heads. The large battery size also makes allowance for the use of LR types with low resistance, which results into the production of more vapor.

Those looking to buy an electronic cigarette should also keep in mind that most mid-size eCigs are based on the 510 minis. Others use the KR8 thread-upon which most e-cigarette values and measurements are based. About three-quarters of eCig users smoke both varieties, keeping on as a back-up in case the battery on the main device runs out.

Other popular mid-size e-cig models include the Twist, the Easy and the Hello. The 520 system connection means that you can transfer the end fittings. However, due to the large batteries, mid-size ecigarettes look more like large-cigars than actual cigarettes. 

Still, due to the large battery size, you should be able to connect a wider range of fittings at the end. Similarly, this means that your ecigarette will last longer in between refills. The vapor is almost double what you would normally get from average mini e-cigs.

Advantages of Mid-Size Electronic Cigarettes


To get started, you do not have to spend too much money. The average mid-size e-cig will cost around 50 percent more than a mini.

Variety of Heads

You also have a wider range of heads to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences.

Some are Average Sized

If you are looking for a longer lasting but average sized ecigarette, then you can go for one that uses the 650 mAh batteries.

Cigar Smoking Feel

The mid-size e-cigs resemble-cigars in terms of looks and feel. This will give you the stature and grandiose thrill that comes with smoking a real cigar.

Improved Performance

Mid-size e-cigs also perform better than minis. Actually, mid-size e-cigs provide the kind of performance most smokers are looking for when they switch to electronic smoking.

Longer Lasting Batteries

The batteries can last for around 8 hours or more, meaning you do not have to charge them ever so often.

Most Popular Electronic Cigarettes

This is the most popular category of e-cigarettes, far outdoing APVs and minis.

Disadvantages of Mid-Size Electronic Cigarettes

Manual Operation

More often than not, they are usually manual in nature. Therefore, you are unlike to enjoy the convenience that comes with an auto electronic cigarette.

Too Large 

Additionally, beginners complain that mid-size e-cigs are too large in design, manufacture and look.

More Expensive than Minis 

Needless to say, you will have to spend more on the mid-size electronic cigarette, which could be a problem if money is an issue.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs)

Advanced Personal Vaporizers ImageCommonly abbreviated as APVs, advanced personal vaporizers manifest the logical development and progress of the electronic cigarette. They provide the ultimate performance for smokers who are looking for the best in the market.

Simply put, an APV is any model that integrates user-replaceable generic batteries. They also come with functions that you would not normally find in a mid-size electronic cigarette or in a mini.

The most conspicuous advantage of the advanced personal vaporizer is the large battery. They also come with advanced features and functions depending on the individual model. 

Some of these features include revolutionary construction, full electronic controls, variable voltage, digital readouts and integral liquid fees. With regards to the revolutionary constructions, you can find different APVs with attractive wooden designs and inlays, solid metal designs among others.

APVs are also referred to mods. They are the largest e-cigs you can find in the market today mostly because they use large batteries. Most can even be powered by generic rechargeable batteries.

The most common styles in this category of advanced personal vaporizers include the boxmod and the tubemod styles. The tubemods can either be large or extra large. They can be the same size as the Churchill cigar or bigger. Boxmods, on the other hand, resemble a packet of normal cigarettes attached to a mouthpiece. 

Most new buyers do not favor advanced personal vaporizers. However, they are extensively used by long- term smokers because of the superior performance they provide. More often than not, the average APV will supply triple the volume of vapor you would get from a mini.

Advanced personal vaporizers are also set apart from the rest of the pack by certain unique features. The outstanding feature may be the liquid feed, the 5 volt operation (as opposed to the typical 3.7 volts), the liquid feed or the digital voltage readout. As it is, these features are endless.

The main focus of the advanced personal vaporizer is the product development, which usually leads to differences in price. As a result, some APV e-cigs cost more than $ 200 in the barebones form. This is exceedingly expensive, especially considering that a good mini with its complete starter kit can cost as low as $ 40 or $ 50. 

However, some people can still afford to pay the additional cost due to the perks that surround the advanced personal vaporizer. For instance, you can vary the power supplied from the cartomizer or the atomizer. In some APVs, the voltage is also variable, meaning that you will be able to achieve the perfect vaping experience you are craving. After some weeks of use, most smokers discover that there is a perfect power or voltage setting for every cartomizer/ e-liquid combination. 

The other thing to keep in mind is that although you can use low resistance (up to around 4. 2 volts) cartomizers with the APV, there are better options out there. To this end, dual coil or higher resistance cartomizers working at higher voltages deliver better quality. 

Advantages of the Advanced Personal Vaporizer

Best Performance

The APV comes with massive gains in performance.

Extended Battery Life

Added to this, APV e-cigarettes come with an extended battery life, meaning that you will get more service from your gadget in the long run.

Solid Construction 

The solid construction is also worth a mention.

Longer Lasting 

Some AVP base units may last you a lifetime, especially if take excellent care not to damage them accidentally.

Best for Experienced Smokers 

If you are an experienced smoker, then the advanced personal vaporizer is your e-cigarette of choice. This is because it will provide you with the advanced functions you need to maximize on your smoking needs and wants.

Advanced Features

Some of the APV electronic cigarettes also come with micro-electronics for readouts and power control.

Best Battery Life

As mentioned above, the batteries on the advanced personal vaporizers last longer than in any other category of e-cigs.

Acceptability among Most Smokers

Any smoker will be able to enjoy sufficient performance from the APV of their choice.

Disadvantages of the Advanced Personal Vaporizer


The advanced personal vaporizer is more expensive. Therefore, you should only purchase it when you can actually afford it. Maintenance costs are equally costly, meaning you should set aside a certain amount of money should you need it to improve your smoking experience.

Manual in Nature

In the same way, all advanced personal vaporizers are manual models. As a result, you cannot enjoy the fun and other-worldliness that comes with smoking an auto electronic cigarette.

Battery Charging Related Dangers

If your battery is rechargeable, you need to be extra cautious while charging the lithium battery. This will prove inconvenient in various situations, such as when you are drunk and you need to charge your advanced personal vaporizer for some deep puffs on this joystick. 

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

E-cig safety imageElectronic cigarettes are often promoted as the safer and more practical alternative to real cigarettes. Not only do they offer more options in terms of taste, they are also designed not to cause bad breath, health problems and toxicity among those people who use them. In other words, electronic cigarettes are designed to have all the benefits of regular cigarettes without causing any of their negative effects.

What are the long term effects?

Although this is true, what's also true that we know very little about the actual long term effects of using electronic cigarettes. Since these devices are new to the market, we don't know enough about them to conclusively say if they're safe for human use or not and this is the reason bills are being signed to regulate electronic cigarette use.

What we do know, however, is that electronic cigarettes use parts and substance which are safe. But just how safe are they? Are electronic cigarettes safe for everybody? How safer are they from regular cigarettes? Do they have long term side effects?

These are all valid question, and at this point, there's a very healthy debate going on about this particular topic. However, let's look strictly at the facts. Electronic cigarettes don't have the same toxins found on regular cigarettes. In fact, according to a study conducted by the School of Public Health at Drexel University last August 2013, using electronic cigarettes exposes you to a lot fewer toxic compounds than regular cigarettes. What this means, basically, is that the dangers of using regular cigarettes are not the same as using electronic cigarettes. They're completely different from each other.

Miniature fog machines

Whereas regular cigarettes are designed to burn tobacco, electronic cigarettes are designed to act like miniature fog machines. This is an important point to think about since electronic cigarettes work by heating the vegetable glycerin and food grade glycol, which give the e-cigarettes their unique taste. This heating process is what produces the electric cigarette to produce its special vapor, which is quite safe for human consumption.

The question then is, whether or not this heating process is safe for human consumption. To answer this question, it's important to keep in mind that the mechanism of fog machines are also similar to the ones used by electric cigarettes, but on a much larger scale; and since people who work on these machines rarely experience smoke related illnesses, it follows that e-cigarettes are also relatively safe. In fact, the only difference between the two is that e-cigs use substances which are safe for human consumption as well as a very small amount of nicotine. Aside from these very subtle difference, there's nothing particularly dangerous about electric cigarettes since their vapors are designed specifically for human consumption.


Yes, the technology and commercial concerns for these devices needs more study, but if past experience is any indication then e-cigarettes are safe. So far, no serious short term or long term effects have been observed among users, and it's worth mentioning that most electronic cigarette brands are now being improved to provide better smoking pleasure. So aside from a few defective brands or fake products, it's practically safe to say that electronic cigarettes could save millions of lives.

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Popular Electronic Cigarette Brands

Brands of E-Cigs imageSeveral brands of e cigarettes are widely available in the market. Some of them are as follows:

V2 Cigs

This is one of the highly rated electronic cigarette brands which has been around for a long time. The brand is available in various classy designs for both men and women; however, all are of the same quality. Several different starter kits for V2 Cigs are available from bare bones to full ultimates. The standard kit is the most popular with two batteries, ten V2 flavor cartridges, a manual, a charger, and an adapter. The appliances keep on increasing depending on the kit purchased with the ultimate having the highest features with a higher price.

Vapor Zone cigarette

Vapor Zone cigarettes have unique designs and are so powerful with higher technologies compared to other e-cigarettes in the market. Their battery life and the kind of flavors they have are much far different from other cigarette with a serious credibility in their designs. The kits are just like other e-cigs but they use a different technology all together. With the vapor zone express kit, you get two express batteries, adapter, charger, manual, and a membership card. Other kits have other features added to this starter kit.

Halo Cigs

Halo cigs are well known for their aerodynamically design and innovativeness technology and do not even look like a typical cigarette. Bold and brash colors are their product color, that makes customers eager to check the product out, and hence many people love the product because of its look. Halo cigs has a battery filled with smoke juice and easy steps when puffing your cigarette. Their G6 starter kit comes with a halo casing, adapter, charger, five-pack cartomizer, and two batteries.

Bull smoke

Bull smoke marketing using their high quality theme and products makes them stand out in the market. Huge throat hits the great flavor and with their Bull-smoke, kits called Ranch hand and city slicker and have all the things one needs for e-smoking involvement. Their kits come with ten cartridges, two batteries from different origins, wall adapter, manual and a charger. The difference between the two kits is in the cartridges, one has a combination of many while the other has two types only.

Green Smoke Cigarette

This brand has been in the market for quite some time and offers the best electronic smoking experience. The cigarette is cheap with a variety to choose from which gives users freedom of choice in the flavor and taste of their interests. Green smoke has five e-cigs starter kits with separate disposal packs. The most popular kit is the essential kit with a rechargeable battery, two cartomizers that purchased in flavors of two, tobacco or menthol ice and a charger.

In the comparison of all these electronic cigarette brands, they almost use the same technology with the exception of the few advances in some while others just have different designs but retain same features and flavors. Although the jury is still out on whether E-cigarettes are better for you than smoking, they have become popular and most people are finding it comfortable to have them due to their own interests and singled benefits.

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